More than a dash

The UK’s largest commercial developer Landsec had a building in the heart of the City with a rigid reputation that needed unravelling. Once a single-minded space, the building’s future now lay in open options. Dashwood House needed a reintroduction. A story of scalable proportions that gave businesses flexible options to configure their workspace.

Branding / Design / Digital / Environmental

Finding your fit

On the border of creativity and corporate affairs, Dashwood House’s location in Liverpool Street gave it an opportunity to get both sides working together. Landsec designed a flexible fit; Blank Canvas, Customised & MYO. Scalable for start-ups to flourish and sizeable for global organisations to establish HQs.

An identity layered with options

We developed a visual narrative that opened up the space. Illustrating the difference between floor size, height, communal amenities, and the brands that would fill it. A simple language that gave Dashwood the distinction it needed to reintroduce itself into the market as a tailored workspace with a flexible fit.

Rockwell have quickly built a reputation as a developer that focuses on the detail, intrinsically involved at every stage of the process delivering design, in-house construction and the marketing of their mixed-use developments. Their way of doing things needed a proposition to match their mindset.

Move past the ordinary

Through a series of brand workshops and stakeholder conversations a joined up mindset driving the business became apparent. Rockwell’s commitment in delivering mixed-use spaces that transformed the way people used them by focusing in on the detail at every stage of the process. A way to build with purpose, and passion, with a clear vision for the future. Creating landmark multi-use developments, with expertise spanning land acquisition, planning, development management and construction. Rockwell wanted to move past the ordinary.

Strategy / Branding / Digital

A visual commitment to the mindset

Rockwell’s commitment ‘not to do ordinary’ translated into their new identity. A bold visual language that made a statement with through a tone that was arresting.

We gave them a striking new face, injecting character that drew on their ambitious personality. Typography with variable weights, colour with a pop, and a clean design that gave them space to showcase the impressive spaces they create.

A new band of brand

Immortalized in The Beatles’ 1969 Abbey Road album cover, it’s one of the most famous streets in the world. But while the address has a certain gravitas among music aficionados, there was more to the Camden Collection’s new residential development than a famous zebra crossing. It’s the first time in decades that new private housing will be joining this location. We needed to build a brand story that gave its market something to join. An iconic identity guided by an infamous heritage.

Strategy / Branding / Design / Interactives / Marketing Suite / Film

A distinctive mark for a refined life

With such an esteemed position in the pop-culture hall of fame we couldn’t not be influenced by that iconic album cover. Playful, dynamic, eye-catching, and chic
– cue a design approach that’s as unmissable as the infamous zebra crossing.

Mono stripes applied with bold simplicity. We gave the brand a sharp visual language that was easy to understand. Graphic shapes and clean typography distinctively paired with objects that told a story of style and identity.

Inviting a bold experience

Across the virtual and the physical, our identifiable mono stripes signposted the customer journey. Brought to life through graphic prints, environmental wayfinding, and digital interactives, we built a user experience that blended the transactional with the experiential. A marketing suite inspired by a recording studio, hoarding signage that leads to an event space. Evocative story telling that makes you feel like you want to play this lifestyle time and time again.

Royal Atlantis

Telling an enchanting story

On the crescent of The Palm, Dubai, next to the luxurious Atlantis Resort, stand the iconic Royal Atlantis Residences. The first permanent residences to be built on Dubai’s man-made marvel, crafted by some of the most sought-after architects, designers, and craftspeople in the world. These exquisite residences needed a campaign that would tell the story of the Atlantis experience to a ultra-high-net-worth global audience — not just as investments, but as homes.

Strategy / Branding / Campaign / Visualisation / Interactives

Crafting an experience through art

A collaborative master-piece projecting itself out into Dubai, The Royal Atlantis was created to make a statement that changed the landscape of Duabi’s seafront. How it was brought to market required an equally exceptional experience. We worked with artists and crafts-people to create a bespoke visual language that revealed the magic of the resort lay er by exceptional layer.

We collaborated with award-winning textile artist and designer Helen Amy Murray to create a series of elegantly intricate illustrated patterns and shapes which we applied to the covers of the sales collateral. Materials, textures, and patterns were inspired by Sybille de Margerie’s interior design. Brochures presented in silk wrapped boxes, ribbons used to sign post the content for the viewer to discover floorpans and specifications. The attention to detail considered at every touch-point.

Sophisticated expectations

Positioned at the entrance of Boka Bay, Portonovi is the jewel in the crown of the Adriatic. A new destination designed to connect the world’s luxury elite with one of Eastern Europe’s most desirable locations – Montenegro’s stunning coastline. A world-class destination of restaurants, retail, wellness and leisure.

Strategy / Branding / Design / Digital / Campaign / Promotional

An adventurous luxury

With adventure the promise, and luxurious comfort the experience, Portonovi is a place that blends the natural with the designed. The invitation to visit needed a deeply emotional connection that would forge an inseparable bond with the explorers that landed on its shores.

We built a visual experience as elegant as Portonovi’s reality. Imagery that makes the heart pound. An identity designed with desire. A brand narrative for a place built on emotional moments. An elegant vocabulary with a pictoral sophistication.

The one & only place to live

In the heart of the place sits an exceptional attraction, Europe’s first One&Only resort. A rarity on the coastline that needed its own position. Led by the brand we crafted an identity that helped it shine. Visual story-telling that sensationally captures the charm of the waterside homes lining the bay.

Designing distinction

Shaftesbury came to us with an ambitious vision. To transform the core of a proposed commercial building in the Sant Marti district of Barcelona into an iconic landmark for the city’s skyline. Well-known for the annual Primavera music festival this part of town was on the map, but not for the luxuries that Shaftsbury were about to bring. The location was advantageous, neighbouring affluent districts and right on the sea front, but the proposition needed some perception-transforming distinction to attract the right type of international buyer.

Landmarks need to be seen and remembered. Creating an architectural statement needed an inspiring designer with an artistic vision. World-renowned French architect Odile Decq’s jaw-dropping striking style inspired by organic contours and her passion for the arts gave the building license to be unashamedly expressive.

Strategy / Branding / Design / Art Direction / Digital / Campaign

Atop the 27th floor the building is coated with a red tip, that glows in the city’s skyline. We needed a name that would be equally unmissable. ‘Antares’ is the brightest star in the constellation, and the building would be become the tallest residential tower in Barcelona. The perfect match for a name that guides you through the city to the height of luxury living.

Celebrating the unexpected through identity

Nothing about Antares is expected. Its location, design and amenities are all unimaginable for this side of the city. Brought together through art and uncompromising standards, the building’s identity needed an expressive visual language that made a statement. We needed to create visual synergy between the building and what it stood for. Design excellence with a difference.

Pushing the boundaries between fashion and art, we gave the building a face that spoke about the ‘art of attraction’. Elegance and movement, evocative posturing, and unexpected additions. An ultra-fashionable campaign that dared to be different. Powered by a visual language full of allure. Selling this level of luxury needed an emotional connection. Inspiring the imagination with a proposition that speaks about the pursuit of luxury – identity, expression, authenticity and the power of imagination.