Abbey Road

A striking address seen by the world.

Client / Camden Borough Council

A new band of brand

Immortalized in The Beatles’ 1969 Abbey Road album cover, it’s one of the most famous streets in the world. But while the address has a certain gravitas among music aficionados, there was more to the Camden Collection’s new residential development than a famous zebra crossing. It’s the first time in decades that new private housing will be joining this location. We needed to build a brand story that gave its market something to join. An iconic identity guided by an infamous heritage.

Strategy / Branding / Design / Interactives / Marketing Suite / Film

A distinctive mark for a refined life

With such an esteemed position in the pop-culture hall of fame we couldn’t not be influenced by that iconic album cover. Playful, dynamic, eye-catching, and chic
– cue a design approach that’s as unmissable as the infamous zebra crossing.

Mono stripes applied with bold simplicity. We gave the brand a sharp visual language that was easy to understand. Graphic shapes and clean typography distinctively paired with objects that told a story of style and identity.

Inviting a bold experience

Across the virtual and the physical, our identifiable mono stripes signposted the customer journey. Brought to life through graphic prints, environmental wayfinding, and digital interactives, we built a user experience that blended the transactional with the experiential. A marketing suite inspired by a recording studio, hoarding signage that leads to an event space. Evocative story telling that makes you feel like you want to play this lifestyle time and time again.