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The art of distinction

Shaftesbury came to us with an ambitious vision. To transform the core of a proposed commercial building in the Sant Marti district of Barcelona into an iconic landmark for the city’s skyline. Well-known for the annual Primavera music festival this part of town was on the map, but not for the luxuries that Shaftsbury were about to bring. The location was advantageous, neighbouring affluent districts and right on the sea front, but the proposition needed some perception-transforming distinction to attract the right type of international buyer.

Landmarks need to be seen and remembered. Creating an architectural statement needed an inspiring designer with an artistic vision. World-renowned French architect Odile Decq’s jaw-dropping striking style inspired by organic contours and her passion for the arts gave the building license to be unashamedly expressive.

The height of luxury living

Atop the 27th floor the building is coated with a red tip, that glows in the city’s skyline. We needed a name that would be equally unmissable. ‘Antares’ is the brightest star in the constellation, and the building would be become the tallest residential tower in Barcelona. The perfect match for a name that guides you through the city to the height of luxury living.

Celebrating the unexpected through identity

Nothing about Antares is expected. Its location, design and amenities are all unimaginable for this side of the city. Brought together through art and uncompromising standards, the building’s identity needed an expressive visual language that made a statement. We needed to create visual synergy between the building and what it stood for. Design excellence with a difference.

Pushing the boundaries between fashion and art, we gave the building a face that spoke about the ‘art of attraction’. Elegance and movement, evocative posturing, and unexpected additions. An ultra-fashionable campaign that dared to be different. Powered by a visual language full of allure. Selling this level of luxury needed an emotional connection. Inspiring the imagination with a proposition that speaks about the pursuit of luxury – identity, expression, authenticity and the power of imagination.

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