Hurlingham Waterfront

Difference in the detail

  • Client
    Rockwell Properties
  • Location
    Fulham, London
  • Deliverables
    Strategy / Branding / Design / Digital / Campaign / Art Direction

A distinct promise

Rockwell came to us to create a brand like no other residential development on the market. One that matched their ambition and championed their purpose: to ‘move past the ordinary’ in everything they do. Their flagship Thames riverside development needed a promise full of purpose. Our response needed to be ambitiously different.

Inspiration started with Hurlingham’s ownables. A distinguished neighbourhood, private wildflower gardens and 269 bespoke, design led apartments overlooking the Thames. Everything about Hurlingham Waterfront is distinctly different. That’s its essence. A luxury brand offering a lifestyle that moves past the ordinary with an unexpected experience for the senses. Memorable, unique, simple, inspiring, credible, timeless.

Difference in the detail

Every aspect of the identity and the brand’s experience had to deliver on the promise. To be distinctly different. An emblem that references the distinction and craft of the hallmark. An aesthetic that evokes the sensory hallmarks of fashion and elegance. Subtle references to the sophistication of the neighbourhood, its waterfront views and wildly private gardens. Distinction and difference. An aspiration to buy into of luxurious proportions.

Our commitment to experiential sophistication extended to Hurlingham’s partnerships, sponsoring The Hurlingham Club’s annual arts festival and a branded partnership with Lockdown Liquor Co. serving up tailor made cocktails, introducing Hurlingham Waterfront as a distinguished brand for a discerning lifestyle.

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